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Cergen GmbH is a leading technology company in the field of nanocrystalline soft magnetic cores and components.
Our nanocrystalline products are suitable for environments with high temperature, high humidity and vibration.

Our sophisticated EMC laboratory provides a wide range of testing options for our customers, supported by specialized engineers.
Cergen GmbH is headquartered in Germany with own production facility in China. From our Chinese facility we ship worldwide. Our European customers are served directly from our European stock. This gives Cergen GmbH a unique advantage in customer support, delivery time, performance and quality at very competitive prices.

Products and services

Our nanocrystalline products includes Common Mode Cores, Power Transformer Cores, Saturation Cores, Metering Cores, Cutted Cores, EMC Test, we can guarantee the highest quality and performance to industries like:

  • electrical automotive
  • railway equipments
  • industrial automation
  • precision measurement instruments
  • wind power inverters
  • solar PV inverters
  • air-conditioning systems
  • drives
  • safty installations
Saturation Cores

Performance Characteristics:

High saturation magnetic induction intensity, high fluxoid Ø s to avoid voltage drop at low load
Rectangular hysteresis loop, high rectangle ratio to avoid voltage drop at full load
High remanence to reduce blind angle in application;
Low coercivity to reduce the control power at magnetic reset;
Low loss to avoid temperature rise.

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Higher inductance can be obtained with smaller size magnetic core and less coils;
High saturation magnetic induction intensity (Bs = 1.2 T), strong anti-saturation W;
Fine frequency, and resistance value is higher than ferrite;
High Curie temperature, good temperature stability;
Outstanding unbalanced current resistance;
Low eddy-current loss, low temperature rise.

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Our DC immune tape wound cores for Smart Meters are based on the nanocrystalline material NANOPERM® LM.
Compared to conventional Metering cores the NANOPERM® LM products show following benefits:

High linearity over the whole primary current range
Easy to compensate
Very low temperature drift
DC immune acc. to IEC 62053; EN 50470-3
Ready for the next regulation update reg. supplementary Power Factor conditions

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