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smart cable management.

Ideas move the world – this has been our motto under which we have been developing innovative cable management systems since 1995. From our headquarters in Eschach, Baden-Württemberg, we
produce our smart cable management solutions and distribute them in more than 60 countries. We are a strong and reliable partner for the industry together with our subsidiaries in Europe and North America as well as our global representatives. Globally leading
companies from various sectors rely on our know-how and our innovative strength. Numerous patents and certifications are both an incentive and aspiration for us.

Products and services

1. Split cable entry system and cable glands for cables with connectors
2. Cable entry plates for cables without connectors
3. Strain relief and cable management
4. EMC cable shield earthing: shiled clamps and earthing components
5. CONFiX: cable conduit systems
6. Einclosure accessories: Gland plates, flange plates and accessories
7. ATEX cable entry systems for potentially explosive atmospheres
8. icotek Tools: punch drives, knockout punches and useful tools
9. Cable entry systems with IFPS fire penetration seals acc. to EN 45545-3
KEL-U / KEL-ER Cable entry systems für routing pre-terminated cables

• Split cable entry frames and split grommets • Fast
and easy assembly • Warranty on pre-terminated
cables remains • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance
can be done much more easily and quickly • High
cable/packing density • Up to protection class IP65 /
NEMA type 4X (acc. UL 50E) • High stability • Vibration
resistant • Strain relief acc. EN 62444 • Fits Railway
standards EN 45545 HL3 • UV protection acc. ISO
4892-2A • ATEX certified

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KVT - Split cable glands für routing preterminated cables

• Wide variety of split cable glands and grommets •
Fast and easy assembly • Warranty on pre-terminated
cables remains • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance
can be done much more easily and quickly • High
cable/packing density • Suitable for standard or metric
cut-outs • High stability • Up to protection class IP54 /
NEMA type 12 (acc. UL 50E) • Fits Railway standards
EN 45545-2 HL3 • ECOLAB certified

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SKL shield clamps for innovative and efficient EMC shielding

• Large contact area to cable shield • Shield and cable
strands won't be squeezed • Secure hold for cable ties
and cables, strain relief acc. to EN 62444 • Wide
variety in mounting types • Simple and tool-free
mounting, easy assembly • Shock and vibration
resistant, maintenance free • Strain relief of cable and
grounding in a single device • Spring design requires
no adjustments and maintains permanently contact to
cable shield

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News & Innovations

KVT-ER split cable gland with IP65 - IP68 certification
The KVT-ER is the newest addition to the existing range of split cable glands. The extremely robust KVT-ER is used for routing and sealing of cables with and without connectors, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses. The cable gland is based on cut-outs in standard metric sizes M32, M50 and M63.

The KVT-ER fulfills the IP protection ratings IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 - certified according to EN 60529. The high protection ratings are achieved due to high contact pressure as well as an injected gasket. The strain relief on the cables is carried out in accordance with EN 62444. Currently, certifications according to “c UR us” and NEMA TYPE 12/4X are in progress.

Due to the consistent divisibility, retrofitting or service work is easily possible. The locknut required for assembly is already included in the shipment. Certificates and samples are available directly from icotek.

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Product innovation from icotek - the most efficient model of cable entry
icotek introduced a new level of efficient cable entry: "With the new development of the tool-free KEL-QUICK range, a product has emerged that sets new standards," emphasizes Managing Director Philipp Ehmann.

The completely redesigned cable entry frame is a compact system for fast and easy routing and sealing of pre-terminated cables, hoses and pneumatic lines. Current slit QT grommets are used and the new frame now has an additional cap that is snapped onto the fitted frame.

The KEL-QUICK range is designed to suit 24 / 16 / 10-pin heavy-duty connectors as well as for cut-outs of 36 x 46 mm. The tool free and extremely easy mounting is carried out by screwing or by snapping into the KEL-SNAP frame. Subsequent retrofitting and service work can be carried out conveniently and the guarantee of pre-terminated cables is maintained.

The KEL-QUICK-E is also available as a single-row version. The new KEL-QUICK range is tested for IP54 and UL in addition to numerous other approvals and certificates.

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