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For more than 20 years, PROMESS develops produces and sells components for the Assembly and Automation Industry. The product range features NC electromechanical assembly presses, single workstations, torque systems and assembly monitoring systems. Our core competence consists in developing high quality standard units as well as solutions for technologies, solving complex applications. Our products are used worldwide in mass production of all major automotive manufacturers as well as in test and laboratory environments. From process development to pilot testing and from initial start-up to production use at the customer: PROMESS offers one-stop product know-how and thus can provide sustainable, fast service and competent consultation. A worldwide service network with well-trained employees assures reliability of the production process at all locations. Longterm experience and a close working relationship with our customers enable continous new developments.

Products and services

PROMESS offers the biggest variety of electromechanical assembly presses worldwide from 50 N to 500 kN with speeds of up to 720 mm/s. The presses feature a very high precision in force measurement due to the multi range calibration (10 ranges) with digital pre-amplifier. PROMESS assembly presses are particularly suitable for demanding joining, forming or testing tasks with force-distance monitoring. Due to their robust mechanical design, they are suitable for long periods of use. Typical areas of application are automated assembly processes that require high repeatability and monitoring of the joining quality, as well as documentation options. The quality can be monitored by envelope and/or window technology, including a teach mode function.

UFM Classic Series

The UFM Classic series offers an optimal selection of standard units, thanks to the diverse configuration options. Depending on the application, the units are equipped with strain or piezo gauges for force measurement and have a flexible drive concept.

– Integrated force, position and signal control
– Real-time force-distance analysis
– No external analysis system required
– Envelope and window function
– Robust set-up for long periods of use

UFM Line5 Series

The PROMESS UFM Line5 series features an optimized cost/performance ratio. The user can choose between five different types covering the force range of 10 to 200 kN.

– Absolute encoder by default
– Digital force measurement
– Multi range calibration
– PLe for STO integrated by default
– Force monitoring by envelope and window function
– No PLC knowledge needed
– Motion and monitoring as integrated solution
– Integrated program memory

Universal Torque Module UDM5

The Universal Torque Module UDM5 features an integrated solution of drive and precise torque measurement for testing, adjusting and measuring tasks. The units serve to trigger angle positions precisely and to apply load torques in exactly the right position. Process data is recorded and monitored easily on the PC. The UDM5 units can be used for measuring breakaway, detent or friction torques or to test the function of switches, ball bearings or torsional dampers.

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